Previous Lab Members

Fall 2017

From left to right: Cameron Smurthwaite, Rachael Mcvicar, Katie Skrypek, Sergio Salazar, Mohammed Malaikah, Danielle Slemons, Majid Salami, Francesca Ventola, Dr. Roland Wolkowicz, Safa Ismail, Robbie Huff, Joy Nader, Brian Dykstra, Colin Roach, Alex Escobar, and Dakota DeCecco.

March 2012

Back, from left: Ryan O’Hanlon, Brett Hilton, Wesley Williams, Jason Machula, Zach Stolp, David Coreas, Roland Wolkowicz, Wes Burford, Aleksandr Stotland, Phillip Webster, Isaac Marquez and Maximilian Roemer. Front, from left: Bianca Duarte, Oceane Hsieh, Yousef Nassiri, Cameron Smurthwaite, Lauren Aguado and Plamena Silvieva

January 2011

From left: Joe Torres, Brett Hilton, Cameron Smurthwaite, Wes Burford, Chitra Rajakuberan, Roland Wolkowicz, Plamena Silvieva, Phillip Webster, Lauren Aguado and Aleksandr Stotland


Back, from left: Marc Valdez, Ashton Regalado-Magdos, Joe Torres, Roland Wolkowicz, Brett Hilton, Aleksandr Stotland, Kai Mesa and Terrence Robinson. Front, from left: Laura Pruitt, Breeann Kirby, Chitra Rajakuberan and Plamena Silvieva

Individual Members